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Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU)
101 Queensway West, 7th Floor
Mississauga, ON, L5B 2P7
Phone: 905-272-9900
Fax: 905-272-9977
Dr. Ruby Alvi
Dr. Casey G. Corkum
Dr. Fran Cousins
Dr. Jennifer Everson
Dr. Christopher Gilchrist
Dr. Michael Kates
Dr. Monica Sethi
Dr. Bachir Tazkarji
Dr. Rosy Zafar
Dr. Xiu Chang Zhao
Priya Rajput, NP


Dr. Ammar Bookwala
Dr. Emanuel Ebrahim
Dr. Farah Koda
Dr. Sangwoo Leem
Dr. Victoria Marianchuk
Dr. Dana Pennell
Dr. Alicia Rajwani
Dr. Andrew Rouble
Dr. Imran Shabbeer
Dr. Sok-Kau Tang
Dr. Herman Tang
Dr. Henry Thai
Dr. Lily Wu

The Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU) is a joint partnership between Trillium Health Centre and the Summerville Family Health Team. The FMTU was established to play a more active role in the education of future family doctors and to increase access to healthcare for our community; through the FMTU we will share knowledge and enhance our skill set and expertise.

Family Medicine Resident Doctors (Residents) are fully trained, newly licensed doctors who are completing their specialized post-graduate training in family medicine. Each Resident manages his or her own practice of patients under the supervision of the Summerville Family Health Team. Residents care for adults, seniors and children with a variety of chronic and acute illnesses. As a patient of the FMTU, you will have access to nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, a dietitian, a pharmacist and health promotion specialists.