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Drs Corkum, Zhao, Gilchrist and Zafar
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Summerville FHT Contacts & Addresses
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Apple Hills     
1221 Bloor Street
Mississauga, ON, L4Y 2N8

Phone: 905-625-1241
Fax: 905-625-9514

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Dr. Don Collins-Williams
Dr. Michael Gitterman
Dr. Wayne Lau
Dr. A. J. Mackintosh
Dr. Mervyn Meharchand
Dr. Ted Nemtean

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Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU)     
101 Queensway West, 7th Floor
Mississauga, ON, L5B 2P7

Phone: 905-272-9900
Fax: 905-272-9977

Dr. Ruby Alvi
Dr. Casey G. Corkum
Dr. Fran Cousins
Dr. Jennifer Everson
Dr. Christopher Gilchrist
Dr. Michael Kates
Kim Podaima
Tetyana Podskalna
Priya Rajput
Dr. Monica Sethi
Dr. Bachir Tazkarji
Dr. Rosy Zafar
Dr. Xiu Chang Zhao


Dr Blair Cappel
Dr Fatema Chandra
Dr Greg Ikonnikov
Dr. Salim Imad
Dr Fernandes Joanne
Dr Tran Karen
Dr Bains Kim
Dr.Fernandes Kimberly
Dr Trisha Min
Dr. Salvo Nadia
Dr Toor Ramandeep
Dr Amy Reinhart
Dr Sakian Sina
Dr James Xu
Dr George Zivkovic

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Suite 510
89 Queensway West
Mississauga, ON, L5B 2V2

Phone: 905-273-4380
Fax: 905-273-4335

Dr. Alexandra Berezowskyj
Dr. Ruth Connelly
Stacey Martins
Dr. Laura McConnell
Dr. Paula Molnar
Sahira Saeed RN(EC)
Dr. Lee-Anne Somersall

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Central Location     
101 Queensway West, 5th Floor
Mississauga, ON, L5B 2P7

Phone: 905-272-9700
Fax: 905-272-1416

Dr.Menat Attia
Dr. Victoria Chen
Dr. Mehrdad Gharagozloo
Dr. Jess Goodman
Dr. Cheryl Hewitt
Dr. June Kingston
Dr. Nadine Majid
Falakas Mehdawi RN(EC)
Dr. Cristina Musngi
Dr. Vincent Park
Andrea Skinner
Dr. Rhonda Wilansky

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Suite 211
190 Sherway Drive
Etobicoke, ON, M9C 5N2

Phone: 416-621-9700
Fax: 416-621-4438

Dr Carlo Cifelli
Dr. David Daien
Dr. Ayesha Hussain
Dr. Martin Kates
Dr. Angela Lalla
Dr. Pari Oza
Dr. Cadi Reece
Dr Sean Skeldon

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